Our new website is up!

Olivia's new website banner     We are so excited!  After two months of plotting and planning, editing & tweaking, our new website oliviasonline.com is up.  We think it looks great! There is always so much to do around the shop, there literally is not time to do everything.  Projects get forgotten, important events get postponed. But with the help of Matt Payne at socialbridgemedia.com and his talented team, we got the website completed in record time and the end result is exactly what we envisioned!

     Please check out the new site and tell us what you think.   www.oliviasonline.com

2 thoughts on “Our new website is up!

    • spowell39 says:

      Hello Jayne, we are working on online sales, thanks so much for asking! As you can imagine, it is a huge undertaking. But stay tuned, and thanks for asking!

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