My Favorite Bracelet!

The Trollbeads Trunk show was a big hit! Nine girls started new bracelets and the rest of us added new beads to our existing bracelets.
Trollbeads added some beautiful new Spring beads to the collection!

The hardest part was choosing!

But of all the new bracelets started
I must say my favorite was Hana’s!
Hana is my youngest granddaughter
and she can just steal your heart away.
You never get it back!

Hana had been wanting to start a bracelet for a long time
and Saturday her mom said yes!

I know what you’re thinking, a bracelet about Grandma!
Dream on!

Hana chose her beads very carefully,
there was no dithering or indecision with my girl!
She knew exactly what she wanted.

Here is what she chose:
The heart bead for God’s love.
The lighthouse, because Jesus is the light of the World.
The rainbow, for God’s promise.
The red prism bead for Jesus blood
(to show God’s love she explained)
The fish, for Jonah and the Whale.
This will always be my favorite bracelet.

2 thoughts on “My Favorite Bracelet!

  1. Shawna Powell says:

    Sweetly written. Hana still LOVES her bracelet and only takes it off for gymnastics. She enjoyed picking each bead herself… with no help from me. :)Thanks Grandma!!

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