Fred & Shyanne

Fred is an Olivia’s customer who is quickly becoming one of my favorite people. He stops by the store every so often, always with a smile, a joke or a story. I have come to discover that Fred is kind and generous to a fault, it is always a treat to see him. But Fred would be quick to tell you that he is not my customer at all-he belongs to Shyanne.

Shyanne is my oldest granddaughter and the first time Fred made a purchase at Olivia’s it was Shyanne whose help he sought. She still talks about the first sale she ever made!

Ever since, whenever Fred needs a gift, or several gifts as was the case on Valentines, he asks for Shyanne. She has become his personal shopper and as you can guess she adores Fred! Before Fred arrived, she circled the store several times. Wondering out loud about what Fred might need today, how much he might want to spend, what size bags we should get ready.

It doesn’t take much to encourage a child, to make them feel special, but so often we don’t think to do it. Fred gets it, and that makes him very special himself!

One thought on “Fred & Shyanne

  1. Sue says:

    What a blessing to have Fred as your granddaughter’s shopper. Terrific way to build her self esteem and feel so important.

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