Home at Last!

Had a great show, traveled with wonderful people, but I am glad to be home! The Seattle Market was very different from last year. As you would expect there were fewer people attending this year. The halls were definitely less crowded. The other shop owners that I spoke with were optimistic about the new year and their shops, but everyone was cautious.
I ended up hauling 117 catalogs home! Only two vendors offered CD’s. That has got to change.

Now I start the process of sorting it all out. I have a large story board in my home office that I organize the Christmas Season for the shop. This is a portion of last year-time to take it all down and start over. The good thing is that last season is fresh in my mind, what worked and what didn’t. The bad thing is that it’s only January and a lot can change between now and next Christmas. I would love to hear from you about things in the shop that you loved and the things you didn’t love about Christmas 08. Stop by some time and share your thoughts.

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