The Good, The Bad & the Ugly!

The Good thing about Market is not what you might think. The merchandise is wonderful and inspiring, and the displays are beautiful and fun. But the thing I enjoy the most is the energy. Hundreds of women excited about their shops, and brimming with ideas. You can feel a little isolated when you own your own shop. You don’t get out as much as you like, there is never enough time. At market everyone you meet is facing the same challenges that you are, and right now there are plenty of them. A great place to share ideas and problems! And these gals are just fun!

The bad thing about Market might not be what you think either. There is sooo much! You really have to filter. Believe me, I have absolutely no problem sorting out what I don’t like! That I have at a glance. But when you find something you really love the work starts. Is the price right, will it fit the theme of the shop, the season, the display it needs to fit into. I have walked by the same lamp display no less that 4 times trying to convince myself that $250.00 lamps (they are awesome!) will sell in this economy, when I know they won’t! When you love it, the price is right and no one else in town is carrying it, you feel like you won the lottery!

The Ugly is exactlly what you think! And believe me there is plenty of it as well!

But I don’t want to leave you with the impression that Market is all work and no play-this is me at the end of Market on Friday night. Jimmy Buffett playing is the background, a Sea Breeze in my hand, having just wolfed down a delectable beef tenderloin sandwich and two marinated shrimp kaboobs. (This was before we left for dinner!)

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